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October 2023 Welcome Sheldon Breen!

Bayside’s new Manager of Buildings already hard at work.

CEO Rose Paul welcomes Sheldon Breen as Manager of Buildings.

At 48, Sheldon Breen says it was time for a fresh start. And he is thrilled to be back in Nova Scotia after spending the past five years in northern Ontario.

Sheldon has mastered two trades; welding and cooking. And he figures that his experiences will stand him in good stead among the team at Bayside.

“I’ve worked offshore on the rigs and have seen quite a bit when it comes to equipment systems,” he says. “I’ve taken over at times as lead hand, or supervisor, so that opened me up to some great experiences seeing how things work.”

For the past five years he was a caregiver to his former girlfriend, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, a very debilitating disease. When her daughter was able to provide care, Breen thought it was a good time for a fresh start.

“Welding was getting really difficult, with all the dust, smoke and bright light, so this is an excellent change for me. I cant tell you how happy I am to be back in Nova Scotia.”

Sheldon and his 23-year-old son live in Frankville, Antigonish County.

Be sure to give him a warm Bayside welcome when you see him!