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February 2020 Paqtnkek and N.S. cost-share trail to Bayside Travel Centre

ENERGY/MINES–Communities in Antigonish County Receive Funding for Clean
Energy and Active Transportation Projects
The province is helping to reduce emissions in Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation and
Antigonish by investing in three new clean energy and active transportation projects.
Health and Wellness Minister Randy Delorey, on behalf of Energy and Mines Minister
Derek Mombourquette, announced today, Feb. 14, over $104,000 for three projects
under the Low Carbon Communities Program.

“We’ve reached out to communities across the province to develop innovative projects
in their local areas that will make a positive impact on climate change in Nova Scotia,
and they have delivered,” said Mr. Delorey. “Our investments in these projects will help
keep Nova Scotia a national leader in reducing emissions to fight climate change, while
growing our green economy and creating jobs in every part of our province.”

Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation will receive over $49,000 to build a new 350-metre active
transportation trail that will connect residents and institutions between Saqamaw Road
to the Bayside Connector Trail.

Proposed route of new 350-metre trail across the highway to Bayside.

The Municipality of the County of Antigonish will receive over $38,000 to complete a
feasibility study to determine which energy projects best meet climate change
mitigation, local employment and energy targets.

The St. Andrew’s Community Partnership Association will receive $16,000 to replace
the church’s oil-fired steam boiler with an energy-efficient option and convert its heating
system to optimize energy utilization.

We’re absolutely thrilled that the province will assist with this active transportation trail.
This new trail is the first of what we hope will be other similar corridors in our
community. It promotes safety and offers convenient access to the Bayside Travel
Centre, especially for those without vehicles, all while helping to reduce our carbon
footprint.” – Chief Paul Prosper, Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation

Bayside CEO Rose Paul at today’s media event.

“This corridor will give our members a safe and convenient way to reach the south side
of our community. It’s been a long-term goal to provide this support while renewing our
commitment to self-sustainable energy development.” – Rose Paul, CEO, Bayside Development Corporation

Councilor Tma Francis delivers remarks on behalf of Chief PJ Prosper and Council.

“We are excited to be part of this joint initiative with Chief Prosper and his team at
Paqtnkek. The support from the LCC fund allows us to explore how we increase options
for low carbon energy delivery; we hope to look for solutions that build on current
practices and policies and identify new options for community members. We want to try
new technology, connect with traditional practices while connecting with local schools
and businesses for training and service development possibilities. Low Carbon
Communities allows us see what is possible.” -Owen McCarron, Warden, Municipality of the County of Antigonish

“The St. Andrew’s community is committed to environmental stewardship. So when the
church started its project to upgrade an old oil-fired steam boiler, it seemed appropriate
to extend the scope of the project to include other neighbouring facilities in the
community, such as a school, fire hall, community centre, curling club and a seniors’
housing complex.” – Harry Daemen, board director, St. Andrew’s Community Partnership Association

Quick Facts:
— over the past eight years, more than $7.7 million has been invested in 222 projects
through the Low Carbon Communities and Connect2 initiatives
— the program supports community-driven projects that help create long-lasting
greenhouse gas reductions through low carbon, clean energy projects
— the program is open to Mi’kmaw communities, non-profit organizations and

Additional Resources:
For more information on the Low Carbon Communities program, visit novascotia.ca/low-

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