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July 2020 Bayside gets job support from Mi’kmaq Native Friendship Centre

by Richard Perry

Bayside CEO Rose Paul has announced that the Mi’kmaq Native Friendship Centre will help pay a significant share of the wages for up to four positions for youth working within the Bayside Development Corporation umbrella.

Ms. Paul says the partnership means store or security positions at the new Bayside Travel Centre will receive funding for up to 80 percent of their wages for six months. The support is for Paqtnkek youth between the ages of 15 to 30.

From l to r: Melanie Sack, Native Friendship Centre; Rose Paul, CEO of Bayside Development Corp.; Patricia Gloade, Native Friendship Centre

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us,” says Ms. Paul. “We hope to ramp up to a 24/7 operation in the near future, so this partnership with the Native Friendship Centre will support extra positions within the travel centre at a time when we’ll really need them.”

The 16,000 square-foot facility opened in mid-June to serve the long-haul trucking industry with a commercial cardlock and serve tourists and area residents with Esso pumps. The building includes the Paqtnkek VLT gaming facility (Bayside Entertainment), gas and convenience bar, NSLC outlet, tourism kiosk, private truckers’ lounge with free coffee, wifi and television. Tim Horton’s and Mary Brown’s Chicken plan to open later this summer.