• Bayside Corporate


December 2023 Security Manager


Bayside is seeking a skilled and experienced Security Manager to oversee our dynamic security team. This vital role involves the comprehensive management of our security operations to ensure they align with Bayside’s standards and expectations. The Security Manager is pivotal in training, allocating, and supervising Security Guards across various teams, including Commercial Service and Gaming Security Service. This position requires a strategic approach to scheduling, policy enforcement, and continuous improvement of security protocols.

Job Duties:

  • Training Security Guards
  • Allocating Security Guards to either the Commercial Service or Gaming Security Service Team
  • Scheduling shifts and finding replacements
  • Ensuring that Security Guards follow the policies and procedures of Bayside
  • Making suggestions to improve or add to policies, and providing updates and reports on security matters to the CEO
  • Handling all complaints relating security services, including responding to and investigating routine matters
  • General administration of the needs of the Security Services
  • Responding to emergency situations or conditions and providing emergency support to the Security Guards on an on-call basis.


  • Provide a Criminal Record Check
  • Own transportation
  • Valid Driver’s license
  • Team player