• Bayside Corporate


April 2024 Business Development Program Officer

March 2024

Join the Bayside Development Corporation team as a Business Development Program

Officer and play a pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape of our community and

retail sector. In this vibrant and fulfilling role, you’ll craft, develop, and bring to life strategies

that bolster our retail operations, perfectly syncing with our overarching mission to spur

economic growth and build our capacity.


Your mission involves not just promoting but actively spearheading opportunities that

drive economic advancement for Bayside Development Corporation. At the heart of your

endeavors will be a commitment to nurturing and sustaining the corporation, boosting

Indigenous employment, and significantly improving the quality of life for the Paqtnkek

Mi’kmaq Nation.


You’ll champion the goals set forth in our Strategic Plan, steering us towards a future ripe

with possibility and progress. Reporting directly to Rose Paul, Chief Executive Officer, your

insights, leadership, and innovation will be recognized as you make an indelible mark on our

community and its economic future.


Dive into a role where your impact goes beyond the office – where every strategy you

develop and goal you achieve contributes to the flourishing of the Paqtnkek Mi’kmaq Nation.

Let’s embark on this journey together, creating opportunities, fostering growth, and building

a brighter future for our community.



• Post-secondary education in Business, Retail Management, or a related field, or

equivalent work experience (minimum 5 years).

• Demonstrated experience in retail management, with a strong understanding of

business development strategies.

• Excellent communication, leadership, and project management skills.

• Deep commitment to supporting Indigenous employment opportunities and

community development.



Retail Strategy Development: Formulate and execute strategies to optimize

the performance and growth of retail operations within Bayside Development

Corporation, including VLT, Fisheries, Tobacco, and Travel Center Entities.

Workforce Development: Lead initiatives to identify and bridge skills gaps within

Bayside Development Corporation’s workforce. Develop management capacity

and facilitate training opportunities in collaboration with educational and training

institutions. Support the CEO with additional duties as necessary.

Infrastructure Development: Engage in enhancing infrastructure to support

Bayside Development Corporation’s operations, with a special focus on the Highway

Interchange Project. This role involves working towards improving economic

competitiveness and quality of life for the Paqtnkek Mi’kmaq Nation.

Community Engagement: Foster close relationships with community members,

Bayside Development Corporation leaders, the Interim Board of Directors, Chief

and Council of Paqtnkek Mi’kmaq Nation, and government departments. Assist in

addressing economic development challenges and opportunities, and contribute to

the development of detailed plans and policies.

Data Analysis and Reporting: Analyze economic performance data of Bayside

Development Corporation, including but not limited to VLT, Fisheries, Tobacco, and

Travel Center Entities. Prepare detailed reports for past funding and project fi nancial

viability assessments to support funding applications and decision-making processes.

Proposal Writing & Reporting: Take charge of writing proposals for accessing

programs and funding as directed by the CEO. Develop compelling proposals and

navigate the submission process while staying informed about available grant


Policy Development: Support the development of economic policies aimed at

nurturing the growth of Bayside Development Corporation, aligning with its strategic


Marketing and Promotion: Utilize various media platforms to promote Bayside

Development Corporation, highlighting economic development opportunities and


Networking and Partnerships: Build and maintain partnerships with economic

development organizations, government bodies, and others to leverage resources and

foster growth in collaboration with the CEO.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Oversee and assess current initiatives at Bayside

Development Corporation, making necessary adjustments to ensure their success.



Strategic Planning: Assist in developing and revising strategic plans and priorities,

analyzing economic data and marketing trends to identify development opportunities

and challenges. Engage with corporate staff , community members, and leadership

during strategic planning sessions.

Business Development: Identify growth opportunities for Bayside Development

Corporation and foster relationships with key stakeholders, including the Interim

Board (Chief and Council) and government departments.

Marketing: Employ marketing skills to enhance Bayside Development Corporation’s

image, attract investors, and understand the impact of the local economy on its


Project Management: Exhibit strong project management capabilities to oversee the

implementation of various projects, ensuring they are executed within budget and

time constraints.


Term: 1-Year Contract with the potential for renewal

Salary: $70,000 annually

Deadline for Application: April 26, 2024



Please submit a detailed resume to Rose Paul, CEO, Bayside Development Corporation, at either

Rose.paul@paqtnkek.ca or ceo@baysidecorporate.com